What To Do If You Vomit After Taking Your Medication

What to do if you vomit after taking a medication?  This is definitely a tricky question which may lack a solid answer at times!

But first, if you’re in need of an answer for what to do if you vomit after taking a cholesterol medication, click here to read my post on this specific situation.

Anyhow, what do you do?  Check out my video below to find out!


1.  If you vomit within 15 minutes of taking your medication, take the medication again…no matter what!

2.  If it has been 60 minutes or more since your dose, do not take another dose…it has probably gone past your stomach already.

3.  If it has been between 15 to 60 minutes, this is where it gets a little tricky.  Use your best judgement based on the medication you’re dealing with.  If the risk of not taking your medication again outweighs the risk of having too much of it, then definitely go ahead and redose yourself.

In most cases (or with most drugs), you want to be conservative and not retake the “lost” tablet, capsule, etc.  Take into consideration the toxicity of the drug, and watch my video again if need be!

And here are some posts about specific meds:

Cholesterol Medication and  Blood Pressure Medication

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Okay, shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions or concerns about this topic. Cate@getpharmacyadvice.com is where you can find me! Please remember that if it is an urgent question and you need an answer right away, call your local pharmacist or primary care provider for assistance.

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  1. That advice was amazing since i was not aware what to do when my boy vomited after taking his medication.

  2. Thank you so much for your site. My dad is battling stage four prostate and is taking increased doses of pain medicine to combat the pain. He is very sick in the mornings and after throwing up his pill this morning, I consulted your site and am writing down your recap info. With sincere thanks and much appreciation.

  3. I vomited after 15 minutes of taking Meds
    I am concerned about when I can tale warfirin ,digoxin and topronol and toprol.

  4. I’ve currently got the flu and was looking for actual time lines that could be used; this is super helpful. Thanks!

  5. This info was very helpful.
    I am a diabetic and take metformin among other medications. I know it uis supposed to be taken with food but I wanted to fast so I tried to fudgfe with coffee and creamer.
    About an hour later I began to feel nauseated and ended up throwing up. I am glad to know my pill stayed down.

  6. Thank you! This info is exactly what I needed. I had surgery a couple of days ago and am still having to take percocet at times when ibuprofen alone doesn’t cut it. I should’ve eaten before taking it this morning, but your information saved me from a call to the doctor, or a duplicate, unnecessary dose.

  7. This was extremely helpful! I had no idea what to do after I got sick, so I found and watched your video. Thank you so much for making and posting this video, it saved me from quite a bit of worrying.

  8. Does this apply to acetaminophen? My daughter has a fever with vomiting and she threw up the Tylenol I gave her after just several minutes.

  9. Hi Audrey,

    Yes. Kids vomiting their meds happens quite a bit! If you are concerned that she didn’t vomit all of the medicine, you can give her a half dose.

    Hope this helps!


    Nova Simpson,PharmD

  10. Thank you for the video and breakdown. I am so sick I could barely read straight what Siri recommended. It saved me from not taking and important medication, waiting on a response from the on-call Dr.

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