Positive PCP Test From Taking Pristiq

Hey folks…this is interesting stuff I got for you today!  Upon hearing we had to take a random drug test the other day at work, we quickly fell into discussion about positive drug screening results.

One colleague of mine had an acquaintance who had a false-positive drug test result…she had never taken a recreational drug in her life and somehow ended up testing positive for PCP!  Crazy, right?

Check out this video to see what happened:

Pretty straightforward stuff, yeah?  I guess the moral of the story is to make sure you go over your medication list and do a little investigating if you too end up with a false-positive drug test.  Just a hint: go straight to the source -the pharmaceutical company- they’ll have all the information you need!

Thanks for listening and don’t hesitate to contact me at Cate@getpharmacyadvice.com if you have any questions.  Please false-positive drug test stories by leaving a comment below!

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  1. I just came from checking in with a probation related program where I tested positive for PCP. I began taking Pristiq approximately 2 weeks ago and have never done anything even similar to PCP. This article is very helpful and will be shared with all related to my case.

  2. I just took a drug test today for work and i came up pcp positive. I also take pristiq and took it 2 hrs before the drug lol my luck!

  3. Ive been taking Pristiq for about a week and I came up for positive for PCP. This article put a lot of fears to rest. Your drugs probably weren’t laced, don’t worry! 😉

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