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Primatene Mist inhalers were the only OTC inhalers left on the market…now they are slowly being taken off the market.  This is because since 2006 all CFC (chlorofluorocarbons) inhalers have been taken off the market.  This is because CFCs are considered bad for the environment.  It has been harder and harder to find pharmacies that carry Primatene Mist inhalers since and now it will be completely impossible to get your hands on one after 12/31/2011.

What to do now?   UPDATE 2015– a new inhaler has become available -Asthmanefrin. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but you should be able to find it at most drug stores and it can come in handy (not for long term use).
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All other options are prescription only.  Most likely, an albuterol inhaler (by prescription) will be the most appropriate alternative.  Here are some options to help with paying for the inhalers: Proair assitance programProventil couponXopenex coupon and Ventolin assistance program.

HFA inhaler switch: HFA inhalers feel quite different then the old inhalers.  The old (CFC) inhalers had a propellent in them so people could “feel” the drug when using it.  The new HFA inhalers have a finer mist so often patients complain they can’t taste/feel the medicine going in….be assured, the medicine is still being delivered!

If you think your HFA inhaler is broken -please see the article My HFA Inhaler is Broken

How do you feel about Primatene Mist inhalers being taken off the market?  How do you feel about the new HFA inhalers? We would love to hear from you –please leave a comment! 🙂


  1. This is a comment mailed to us from one of our readers Jeff.
    Name: Jeff C.

    to whom it may concern, this is not a question, but rather a
    urgent comment. i’ve had asthma for ove 10yrs now and have use perscription inhalers and im telling you right now that they dont work. the only effective treatment i’ve used has been primatine mist…PERIOD ! if the EPA want to ban it, fine, but another over the counter inhaler should be made available in time for when primatine is pulled, just so long as the EPA doesnt have a problem with a new one.
    taking effective inhalers off the shelf is one more way for Gov. run programs to make more money for pharmacutical companies…this angers me, and whom-ever is responsible for not making over the counter inhalers should be ashamed of themselves. thank you.

  2. I get really bad arrythmia whenever I use an albuterol inhaler. So while it pretty much immediately clears up my asthma attack (I have very mild asthma), it messes up my heart so bad that unless I can find a Primatene Mist inhaler, I’m kinda SOL. I take Singulair daily throughout the winter and spring allergy season and it seems to keep the wheezing and congestion at bay.

  3. I am SHOCKED at the decision to take a good product that is the ONLY product sold over the counter without insurance to help people BREATHE!! what are they thinking!?!

  4. I agree w/Jeff. Prescribed inhalers don’t work for me. They’re not as effective as Primatene Mist. I have used Primatene for YEARS, & haven’t had any issues. I also take Singular daily, but it merely keeps it at bay, or slows it down, but doesn’t prevent it. I was given (from the company that makes Primatene) an email/contact to write to, to state my concerns & the importance of keeping Primatene available. As Jeff stated, they Should have kept Primatene or a suitable replacement available until the new Primatene was ready for market. Taking away the ONLY thing that works for me, is like sentencing me to death!! So I ran to stores trying to stock up on whatever I could get my hands on. I’m getting down to my last few, & am getting scared. I can Not afford prescribed meds, & have no insurance. Primatene is very much needed!!! I wrote to the company & asked “how much longer til the new one is available??”. They told me they’re near completion, but it’s the approval from the FDA that’s gonna take time, & they don’t know how long…could be a few months, could be more than a year. They better figure out something SOON!!!

  5. I have been using the primeatene mist product for many years. I am not very happy with them taking this product off the market. I don’t like having to go to my MD every time to get a prescription for an asthma inhaler. The primeatene was very effective and quicker in relieving my asthma symptoms. I don’t feel the HFA inhaler is as affective and of course is more costly. I am very discouraged and dissappointed with the decision.

  6. I like the primatene mist inhaler better than any of the other prescription inhalers. it works better and fater than the others.When do you think you will have something else that is as good as primatene mist.Please let me know as soon as possible. thank you

  7. i have been using primatene mist inhalers for moderate to severe asthma since i was 4 yrs old, in 1960. it is the only asthma inhaler that really works for me and immediately stops a severe attack.

    i hope the fda does not take 2-10 yrs to approve the new cfc free primatene.

  8. I also agree w/jeff primatene works best for me pres.inhalers don’t work.Its just another political racket to put more of the poor mans money in the rich mans pocket.

  9. I have been using the primatene mist inhaler since the early 60’s and it is the only fast acting inhaler for my asthma. I now spend twice as much for 2 different inhalers for my asthma and they aren’t as effective for my asthma as primetine mist is. The inhaler along with Bendryl also stopped me from going into anaphylatic shock from eating 2 Brazil nuts. It’s crazy that they would allow such an effective non prescriptive medicine to leave the shelves without offering something to replace it. I too scoured the shelves before 12/2011 to stock my supply. It’s the only thing that gives me immediate relief. I’ll betcha the people responsible for removing the product have never had to fight to breathe.

  10. I don’t know what to do. I think i’m going to die without primatene mist. Take a puff in the morning and i’m good the rest of the day. I have copd but, this product has kept me out of the hospital for 10 years. Now all i can do is think about breathing. I’m sitting here now wondering should i go to the hospital. This is so sad for me. I can’t take it..

  11. I have tried prescriptive medicine for my asthma and non of them relieve the tighten of the lounges like primatene mist does. Also, with the prescriptive medicine I have to use every three to four hours when an asthma attack comes about. With primatene mist I only use once and my asthma clears up immediately without returning to the inhaler every three to four hours. It’s a one time use for immediate relief. Whereas, prescriptive medicine for asthma relieve me for three to four hours, then I have to use it again because the asthma symptoms resurface again. This goes on about 24 to 48 hours before I am relieved altogether. Plus, the prescriptive medicine all have side affects. Like the one the doctor just prescribe for my mother can cause cataracts. Reminder she has cataracts in one eye already and it still does not have the same affect as primatene mist inhaler. How can the government allow them to take something off the shelve when they are aware that about two million US citizens rely on this product. Especially,when it is a life-or-death situation. I have tried the primatene mist pills, they do not have the same affect as the inhaler. I have also tried the salt air inhalers, which does not work either. My mom and I are down to one primatene inhale that we are sharing. Along with trying natural herbs to prevent asthma. However, we still have asthma attacks and scared of running out of primatene mist inhaler before they put the new one on the market.

  12. The HFA inhalers are a joke. They don’t work. My lungs stay tight even after use! Get the government and the idiots at EPA out of my life before they kill me. I have been on Prednisone more since you took primatene off the market.

  13. I dont like the new inhalers… they feel week… i run out of one in one month because i do a double puff… i feel bad for notg stocking up on primate mist… it actually was more expensive than pro air… but it worked

    I would use a puff once a week or twice… now i use pro air once or twice a day… so ill drive two houres to the border for good old ventolin 🙂

  14. No, that ban is 100% factual, as best ilartsulted by the third and final embedded link in the piece. Use ctrl+F and search for the term final casualty if you missed it the first time.Also: I am, in fact, an exercise-induced asthmatic who is 25 lbs overweight; my (embarrassing) midnight trip to the ER definitely happened; Primatene Mist did retail for around $20 when it was on the shelves; and extreme cold is, indeed, killer on the lungs. In case you were wondering.

  15. I can not breathe. Use all prescribed inhalers and oxygen as needed. I loved prima because I could switch up. It was most definitely the most effective…specially in an emergency!!! I have never abused and am very upset ~ this product is needed by many.
    Are the big pharmaceuticals involved in this ban?

  16. this one of the biggest rip off that government have ever pull primates mist is the only inhaler that work for asthmas suffer i have used it every since i was a young man and it the only one that work anything that good and work the government take it from us that let u know there is a conspiracy in our government to make more money the government put all this other junk be put out there that don’t work to make more money for the lobbyist and crookist companies

  17. Hi Lamar,

    Thanks for leaving a comment. There is a new option out there:
    What to do now? UPDATE 2015– a new inhaler has become available -Asthmanefrin. It’s a bit on the pricey side, but you should be able to find it at most drug stores and it can come in handy (not for long term use). Have you tried this inhaler?

    Hope this helps!


    Nova Simpson,Pharm.D.

  18. Another example of federal corruption in the name of saving the environment – a complete and total fabrication of facts, in order to satisfy a political agenda. Problem is, there are a huge number of people that will suffer because of this political BS. I’d like to know the name of the politician responsible for this. Maybe that person needs to understand how it feels to not be able to breath. Maybe those of us suffering need to stand up to these elected idiots’ hidden agenda!

  19. A Bit on the pricey side? $175 is Not a bit. It’s a flipping Fortune!!!!! Big pharma and our greedy,despicable government should all choke to death!!!!

  20. My asthma was better controlled by Primatene mist because it contained epinephrine, a life giving substance. The pretense that they are removing these inhalers because of cfcs is complete nonsense. Otherwise they would just make the primetene mist with a new inhaler. But thats not whats happening. I notice that this albuterol aggitates my asthma and even makes it worse even though it gives a temporary relief thats not as thourough as the prime then whats the reL reason they r taking epinephrine based asthma sprays from the public. Well epinephrine is a life giving drug and it heals. Look at all the money that wud b lost if ur asthma was cured. Or consider that strains of bacterium became resistant to epinephrine because familar intake.

  21. Mom brought home a Primatene Mist inhaler from the drugstore back in 1965. The druggist asked her to try it. I tried it and instantly decided it was a miracle from God.
    It cost 5 or 6 bucks. I used it less and less over the years until one day learned they had taken it off the market. So went without anything till now. I believed I grew out of the condition. Now at 65 years of age they say I have the beginning of OCPD or whatever they call it. Wheezing, shortness of breath, suddenly after taking a slew of meds for A Fib and HBP. The A Fib and HBP are under control. The doctor remarked on my wheezing, shortness of breath and prescribed an albuteral. Totally worthless for it’s ridiculous cost. Why would any government take this off the shelf for some lame ass excuse from the EPA? Alcohol and Tobacco are still down at the corner for cheap killing millions upon millions. And ATF producers are pumping tons of tons of CO2 and other toxins into the atmosphere. This USA Epa and other agencies all have their heads so far up their bungs that it’s unbelievable.

  22. Primatene mist let me get thru my day , doing the things I enjoyed, like playing with my grandchildren and working in the yard.
    I am using a different product now, not as good. now I just get thru the day.
    Please put Primatene mist back on the market.

  23. I have heard that there are warehouses full of primatene mist waiting for the government to ok it’s use again. There is a bill going through congress now that will let us use the mist again, if they approve it , contact your congressmen and lets get this moving. The draw back is the mist in the warehouses is outdated.

  24. Chlorofluorocarbons what a crock of S_ _T. The pharmaceutical companies and the FDA (federal Death Administration) are as corrupt as moldy bread! With the unbelievable advancements in the technology today we can’t cure the common cold. That is because there is billions to be made curing nobody! I cured my Asthma 10 years ago by nixing the steroid inhalers and started using Primatene Mist inhalers. Obviously word got around and your friendly pharmaceutical companies made sure another cure would not be possible!!!

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