Taking Birth Control Pills and the Morning After Pill Together

Just another video on, you guessed it…Plan B One-Step and Next Choice!

Inspired by the many calls I’ve received at work from ladies inquiring about when they should take their birth control pill again after taking the “morning after pill”, I’ve posted the following video:

So, if you haven’t taken Plan B One-Step or Next Choice yet, it’s best to follow the package insert directions that came with your birth control pills instead of taking the “morning after pill” – the birth control pill is more effective!  If you’ve thrown out the package insert, just call your pharmacist and they should be able to help you out.

If you’ve already taken the emergency contraceptive, resume taking your birth control pill as soon as possible and continue to take it daily as you’ve been directed.  Remember, there are no studies showing how levonorgestrel (the hormone in Plan B One-Step and Next Choice) interacts with any of the available oral contraceptives, so you may want to use a back-up contraceptive method for a good 7 days just in case -depends how much of a worrywart you are!

Let me know if you need me to clear things up a little more by leaving a comment below or e-mailing me at Cate@getpharmacyadvice.com.

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  1. I have been taking birth control for 2 years now, I take it when I wake up (which isn’t always the exact same time). My boyfriend and I had sex (without a condom) and he didn’t pull out in time. I went to the pharmacy and talked to the pharmacist she said I didn’t need plan b, but if it would make me feel better I should take it. So I did. I had about 4 days left in my pack of pills before the ‘sugar’ pills. Now I only have 2 sugar pills left. Im worried because I normally get my period when I have 4-3 sugar pills left. Should I start my new pack of pills on time? Or should I wait until I get my period to start the new pack?!

  2. Hi Gennifer, Sometimes the plan B can “throw off your period”. It would still be best to just follow your pack -so finish the sugar pills then restart with the next birth control pack.

  3. Hi Cate, i started takign birth control pills a while back and stopped. I recently started to take them again a little less than a week ago. My bf and I had sex without a condom, i thought it was okay until i realized that i didnt wait the seven days sincel you start using the pill for it to fully work without a second form of birth control like condoms. So i immediately took the plan b as soon as i could while still being on my birth control pills. Is this ok? is plan b still effective even when im taking birth control pills?

  4. Hi , im currently on the birth control pill . My boyfriend and I had sex and he didn’t pull out in time. i went to a clinic and the girl said there was no need to take plan b but if it
    made me feel better i should take it . so i did , i’m still really worried if i could be pregnant … should i even be ?

  5. I’ve been taking the pill for over a little a month now and I just began a new pack for a few days when my boyfriend and I had unprotected sex. Immediately afterwards I took the plan b pill but I’m still worried since I have not been taking the pill for that long of a time and especially since I started a new pack.

  6. I took the morning after pill and got my period so now i would like to start taking the normal birth control pills but i dont know if i should start now since i only got my period because of plan b or if i should wait until i get my first regular period again.

  7. I’ve been on the pill for 9 months. On march 28th my bf and I had sex an hour after I took EC pill the reason why I took the EC pill was because that day was my first day of starting the 9th pack of pills. I been cramping since last week. On Wednesday I noticed brown spotting also thurday and Friday I spotted on my underwear. I spotted also today but when I spot is only a little. When I wipe my self it is not a lot of brown discharge either. Also today is the first day of placebo pills and my period isn’t here.

  8. So I started taking my birth control for the first time on Sunday but I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend on Monday. Should I take plan B ? Or should I be okay.

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