Switching From Prescription to OTC Zegerid

Happy Halloween!  Just recovering from a late night out, so while doing so I figured it’s a good time to post a little something.  First things first though…gotta check out this awesome costume my mom made for me!

Pretty fab, right?!
The cute tail

Anyhow, here’s a question from a reader regarding the stomach medication Zegerid:

I came across your video when searching for the differences between Zegerid Rx vs OTC.

I have been taking the Rx, but only when I have actual heartburn or I know I will have it. I don’t take it regularly. If I eat too close to bedtime, I take one, and then just dont get heartburn.

I ran out of my Rx and either can pick up the refill for $42 (insurance price) or go to the OTC version, or something else.

I know that Prilosec has the same core ingredient, but am concerned about the box saying it is not for immediate relief.

Any thoughts or recommendations?

1) Should I just stick with the Rx? What about the generic (by PARR?)?

2) Whats best for instant relief?


Hi Bob,

I would definitely take the OTC version of Zegerid if it is cheaper for you…the OTC product has the same exact formulation as the Rx version!

None of the PPIs, including Zegerid are for immediate relief, and this is based on the nature of how they work in the body. It takes days for them to reach their maximal benefit…at day 5 after first starting this type of medication they are at about 66% of maximal benefit! This also means that PPIs are not the best for an “as needed” option.

Since we’re talking about how Zegerid, Prilosec, Prevacid, etc. work, I should definitely let you know that these medications work way better if taken in the morning 30 minutes to an hour before you eat anything.

Also, since PPIs have been on the market long enough now, we are finally seeing the effects of taking them on a daily basis for months (or even years) at a time…increased bone fractures and infections (gonna do a video about this so stay tuned for more info here)!

If you want more instant relief, I would go for zantac (generic is ranitidine, but will have a different name depending on what drug store you visit). It works faster than Zegerid and the other PPIs!

Since you only take Zegerid as needed, it sounds like to me you only have a mild case of indigestion/heart burn/acid reflux (whatever it may be!) in which case Zantac (ranitidine) may be a better option for you anyway!


Hope you found this post helpful.  Get in touch with me at Cate@gatpharmacyadvice.com if you need more information on this matter.  You could also leave a comment below for all to see!

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Have a good one!

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