Natural Antihistamines for Dry Cough, Sneezing, Runny Nose and Watery Eyes

If you suffer from seasonal allergies but want a natural antihistamines –we have some great options for you!

  1.  Quercetin:  It is a natural substance found in fruits and vegetables.  It helps stabilize mast cells which mean histamine is not released into your body.  This is all great because histamine causes all those symptoms that are super annoying –like runny eyes, runny nose, sneezing, itchy throat and cough!  Quercetin is available in a capsule form.  Typical starting dose is 500mg two to four times daily.  It is best to start taking a few weeks before allergy season starts.
  2. Bromelain:  It is an enzymes in pineapple stems.  It works by calming the immune system, decrease mucus and swelling/inflammation.  This means it can help you breath more clearly and decrease runny nose and itchy throats!  Bromelain is available in a capsule form and is often found in combination with Quercetin.  Typical dose is 500mg twice daily.  As with all supplements, please take care and check with us or your local pharmacist or practitioner to check if it is safe.  Bromelain can thin your blood and increase absorption of some other medications.
  3. Butterbur:  It is a plant in the daisy family!  And an awesome natural antihistamine –some studies even say that it works as well as Allegra (fexofenadine).  It helps decrease inflammation and help with all the runny, coughy, itchy symptoms that allergies are known for.  These too are available in capsule form and typical dose is 50mg twice a day.
  4. Stinging Nettle: This is a plant that works wonders to help fight allergy symptoms.  It is available in a capsule or you can drink as a tea.  It works by decreasing inflammation that causes many of the allergy symptoms.  Typical dose is 300mg twice daily or drink 1 cup of stinging nettle tea twice a day.

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Do you have any natural antihistamines/remedies you use to treat your allergy and cold symptoms??  We would love to hear from you!

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