Chia For Your Health?!

Cha-cha-cha-chia pets can be healthy for you?!  Yes…the chia pet sprouts are edible and healthy for you!

The seeds that are used in the chia pet are edible too.  Chia seeds are high in fiber and protein and contain calcium, magnesium, B vitamins (great for energy) and antioxidants.

Chia also has a high level of ALA type omega-3 (like the kind found in flaxseed)…which is typically good but too much ALA can increase triglycerides -so take note if your TG are high already!

Chia seeds have been used for centuries and now, thanks to Oprah, have become popular again!  Chia seeds can help patients control blood sugar and blood pressure and improve cardiovascular health.

Chia is especially helpful with controlling blood sugar.  When chia reaches your belly it causes a gel that allows carbs to be digested at a uniform rate -that decreases the blood sugar super lows and highs.

Want to add chia to your diet?  Chia oil supplements, gels, whole seeds, seeds in drinks, bread, chips…the list goes on.   You can even add chia seeds to a glass of water -stir, let sit for 5 minutes, stir and drink…simple enough.

Have you been eating chia?  Tell us about it, go ahead and leave a comment!

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