A Cheaper Alternative to Plan B One-Step

I bet you’re all looking for a cheaper alternative to the  emergency contraceptives (aka the morning after pill), Plan B One-Step and Next Choice.  After all, who doesn’t want a good deal?!

Well, just recently (as in yesterday, haven’t checked today) you could buy an emergency contraceptive called Nextime on Amazon.com for only $19.99.  That’s a savings of about $30.00!

Only problem is I couldn’t figure out what ingredients are in Nextime to let you know if it works or not.  It’s not approved by the FDA, so it doesn’t have to be proven to be effective to be sold on the market!

Nextime appears to be an all-natural/herbal supplement based on the little bit of research I did on the company that makes it, but I cannot say it is for sure without solid evidence!

With such little details available on the advertised emergency contraceptive, Nextime, I would definitely spend the extra $30.00 or so for the Plan B One-Step or Next Choice, which have been proven to be about 85% effective.  I would not take my chances with a medication that I cannot find any info about!

If anyone has more info on Nextime, please send it our way…we’d love to learn more about it!

Thanks for checking in, and be sure to grab our free video course on how you can save money on your prescription medications.  There are definitely some ways to save…about 90 of them in this video course!

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